How The Great Gatsby May Be My New Favorite Movie



Charlie Johnson

At first when we first started watching Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it. I’m not so much into drama movies or movies based on books, I’ve seen a few but I don’t watch most of them. But the movie really grabbed my attention Leonardo DiCaprio was fantastic as Jay Gatsby; he really fitted well with the role! Tobey Maguire really supported the movie as well his performance as Nick Carraway was on point! 

Why I liked the movie so much was the drama, the tension between Gatsby and Tom, all the rumours that were said about Gatsby the passion and the love Gatsby felt for Daisy he never stopped loving Daisy even when she still loved Tom still after everything he has done to Daisy. I really, was rooting for Gatsby that he finally get to be with Daisy and that her dream of living in Gatsby’s mansion would be finally be real and no longer a fantasy, but my heart sank quickly when Gatsby was killed by Wilson I did not even want to see the ending after reading after what went down because I didn’t want Gatsby’s life to come to an end. 

But as the movie came to an end I was disappointed how the movie had to end, Gatsby never got the chance to be with Daisy but what what we saw in the movie and while reading the book I think Gatsby had a great life, he met an amazing woman, a man who changed his entire life and a great friend he could rely on and trust that what all that matters to Jay Gatsby. 

If you ever are looking for a good song to listen to I recommend “Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey from the soundtrack from The Great Gatsby such an amazing song that fits the movie so perfectly she was absolutely amazing! I would listen to it over and over again!