Moving Out

Moving Out

Madison Ross

Twenty-six picture frames

Won’t all fit inside this box

Now I get to play this game

Which memories will be lost?

Should I lose the corn maze

With a friend I no longer know,

Or the remnants of a summer haze

When my world was still aglow

Shall I lose the first team I had

I kept in touch with eleven, then five, now one

Or perhaps I’ll lose people I met once

And whose paths now parallel mine.

Maybe I should lose feeling carefree

With someone who didn’t feel the same about me

Or maybe it’s better to forget

Someone who I still kind of regret

But no, what about losing the marathon

Where I pushed myself to the brink

Or the years when I tried to conform

Before I knew what that meant

What about the first trip I took via plane

With friends who’ll probably forget my name

I don’t know how I’m expected to decide

Which memories get to hitch a ride

Into the next chapter

And which memories get to now rest

After years of pushing me

To be my best


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