Where it Began

Gator Prints began as AP Language and Composition “Writing to Make a Difference” project. Sydney Blake noticed there were very few outlets for student expression in the school. Years before there was a newspaper but with more technological involvement, it ultimately became obsolete. But the freedom of student expression will never be obsolete. Sydney Blake wanted to revive the school paper. After conducting research, talking to other school journalism clubs and a lot of hard work Gator Prints became a reality.


Gator Prints Today

Gator Prints is an online school paper for Crystal Lake South High School sponsored by Mrs. Miedwig. Its staff consists of a handful of students who write articles to be published monthly. Its goal is to provide an outlet for free expression and creativity in which students write about what they are passionate about. We hope that the articles and media published will be an inspiration to not just others but for the writers as well everyone.

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