Madison Ross

It’s not enough to be right

It never is.


Is the Key to Peace

You’ll never win without a fight

And a fight isn’t winning at all


For a fight means loss

To lose that which is 


To you.

And to lose isn’t to win

It’s to wish you’d never fought


So, what to do

When a fight is close?


To run is to surrender

That which

You believe

To surrender your core

To no longer be


But, to hide is to show


To give strength

To that which you oppose

To defeat yourself

And commit to being concealed


And, yet, to face

The fight

Is to admit

A willingness to fight

A willingness

To lose.



Be willing to fight

To face your opponent

To display your beliefs
And hold your ground

But never be willing to lose

To enter the fight

To burn bridges
And avoid peace


Allow them to think

A fight is coming


Fight with ideas


Use words as messengers

Not weapons.

Compromise is born from

A willingness to fight

But a commitment

Never to follow through.




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