Yuliya Zamkova

Are you a pluviophile? A pluviophile is someone who loves the rain and finds peace of mind during rainy days. If this is you, keep reading! And if not, keep reading anyway! What is it about rain that makes one love it so much? Is it the sound that one finds peaceful? Is it the beautiful scenery? The answer is all of this and more. There are many things about rain that no one ever pays attention to, even when enjoying it. Maybe you can see rain as something more special after reading some of the wondrous things about it.

Many find it therapeutic to listen and watch the rain, but have you ever noticed its shape? It’s unlikely because of how fast it falls: one would not be able to notice such a thing. Well, raindrops are actually shaped like a hamburger bun, not like a teardrop! Another interesting fact is that not all rain is made of water, not on this planet anyway. On earth, 4.5 billion years ago, rain was made of iron! Another examples is Venus, where the rain is made of sulfuric acid or methane! Also, did you know rain can be colorful, not just the rainbow after it? “Red, yellow, green and black rain has been recorded in many parts of the world … The color is due to spores from algae reacting with the water” (Leung). There is more to rain than some might believe. It does not have to be a gloomy or sad day, just look at it from a different perspective.

Hopefully, some of these facts made you view rain in a better light. Next time it rains, look and listen more closely to the beauty and wonder of this marvelous occurrence.




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