Teacher Appreciation Week

Autumn Chase

Teacher appreciation week is this week, and it is time to thank our teachers and staff all around us. When I first came to South, I felt welcomed immediately. I was greeted by the GLC club and welcomed right into the school. I just wanted to give a shout out to Mrs. Stevenson for running such an amazing club! Teachers like that are the ones that make students feel welcome each and every day. I later on went to join GLC because of the amazing experience I had with it. Every day, a teacher either makes me smile or makes others around me feel happy to be here. This school is full of amazing teachers who make school a fun and safe place to be. Especially with all the challenges that teachers have had to overcome with COVID-19, they still did an amazing job with teaching us to the fullest extent. Your work does not go unnoticed, and I just want to say how truly thankful I am to go to a school filled with so many amazing staff members. Not only can I call you guys my teachers but my friends, my mentors, and my role models. Below I included a lighthearted and funny little chart that made me laugh and hopefully you will as well.