Sean Reiman

Carefully navigating the reach of homelands previously unexplored by anyone like myself

Reacting to everything with colored views and nausea of the stomach

Young women have no fit making cars that drive and young men have no fit creating properties with any self depth

Scarcity of conscience is more and more apparent, no more self loathing but no self love

Take your views and your talent and put them in the hole with every other memory you’ve built in the homelands

All things grow, but the hole remains filled without water, which leads to loss of conscience

Let them take everything they want from you, and you’ll have nothing left to show once you finally escape the homeland

Leaving the homeland will lead to scarcity becoming less of the very concept it thought it was creating

And no amount of restraint, whether intentional or not, can stop those without shovels and boots from clearing their flaming head and leaving familiarity and finding the wilderness

Kinetically moving through spaces previously never explored and thought to be eradicated from existence

Everything comes to an end, but using shovels is no way to get there

Save your conscience, and it will respond in kind