Molly Schneeweiss


You were there all my life

Even if you weren’t physically there

Your voice was in the back of my head

For years

Even though you’re gone

Your voice is still there.



You were there my whole life

You were always physically here

I heard your voice out loud

All my life

You always guided me,

Helped me grow,

Helped me to figure out who I am

You helped me be a good person

You taught me right from wrong

You didn’t show me everything that was wrong

Not like he did



You cut me down all the time

You made me into a broken person

You were so good

I don’t know what happened to you

But you acted like it was our fault

Even though it wasn’t


You are my number one supporter

You always have been and you always will be

You were my first best friend

We’ve been through a lot together

You are my number one role model

You never gave up when things were hard

All of the pain we went through because of him

You never lost sight of what was important


You ruined our family

You lied

All the time

You ruined my self esteem and hers

With your words

With your temper

Your voice was in the back of my head for the longest time

Pointing out my every flaw

My every mistake

When I was a kid



You were our light when the whole world felt dark

You held us when we cried

You were always there

Every step of the way

Helping us accept our flaws

Accept our mistakes

When we were kids



You were good to us

Then the seed of your goodness was poisoned by something

We never knew what it was

And now we never will

You’re gone now

But I still hear your voice



You are good to us

You have your faults but your roots are healthy

And strong 

And loving

You taught us to be this way

To press on

To bloom in the face of adversity

To forgive but never to forget. 

It is these differences that set you two apart

These differences have always set you apart

I’ve learned many things from each of you

I will carry your voices with me as long as I live

You have both shaped me

You have both affected me

For the worse

And for the better

But I will still always have you with me

We will always be bonded together

Like branches on a tree

Even though one of you has been gone for a long time

I still know you

I still have you in my heart 

You were so different

You both have your flaws

You both have your demons

But one of you had demons that were too much for you to bare


To you

I do miss you


To you

I am so grateful you have been here every step of the way

No matter what

No matter how many times I tried to push you away


And to both of you

Thank you

You made me who I am today

And the woman I see in the mirror, 

I know you’re both proud of

So thank you.