Muskaan Jadeja

Jabi tor daak shune keu na ashe

Tobe ekla chalo re


If no one answers your call,

You have to walk alone


Jadi keu kathaa na kaya, ore ore o abhaagaa

Thabe parana khule o tui mukha phute tora manera katha, ekla bolo re


If they are afraid, and look away, o unlucky one, 

Open your mind and speak alone


Jadi aalo na dhare, ore ore o abhaagaa

Tabe bajraanale aapana bukera paanjara

Jbaaliye niye ekla jolo re


If they shut their doors, o unlucky one, 

and do not hold up the light

Ignite your own heart and let it burn alone


~This, an old Bengali song written by poet R. Tagore for a newspaper was sung at protests against the British by freedom fighters. The anthem for Freedom. 

It was translated in countless languages across India to have every person sing the same words and walk on the same road.

Yes, it’s dramatic, and yes, it landed a lot of people in jail, and yes, it wasn’t perfect.

But it was enough to keep the nation together against one cause. Enough to tie the cluster of errant people together.

Because the small opposing parts of the land united for one thing—Freedom.

Now, let’s glance at the mirror.

Aren’t we divided into countless little pieces, puzzle pieces that sometimes don’t fit right?

We have parts we don’t want to embrace, and parts we fear of ourselves. Now, I won’t say we love each part regardless. No. There are also some regions we’d rather cut out.

But as the young country pulled herself together, so will we. 

We can win our battles, though it feels miles away.

No matter how small the victory.

You can win.

You will win.

Even if you must walk alone.


Jabi tor daak shune keu na ashe

Tobe ekla chalo re

Ekla chalo, ekla chalo, ekla chalo re