Grace Adcock


Oh, the places you’ll go! My future plans are:
I am attending Ball State University and planning to major in Photojournalism and potentially minoring in Spanish and Theater Performance.
Go Gators! My favorite memory from high school is:
Being able to perform on the CLS stage.
I would love to give a big thank you to:
Mr. Stoner,
Thank you for giving me a chance to perform and spend time on the stage. Your guidance and directing, as well as teaching, have pushed me to be the person I am today.
If I could go back in time, the advice I would give my freshman self is:
I would tell myself that it’s ok to be social and be yourself. Have fun and don’t be afraid of the chances and opportunities that come your way.
Words of Wisdom:
Be involved. I know it’s cheesy, and we hear it all the time, but the more you are involved, the more that you will enjoy your time. Cherish every moment that you have. It goes by incredibly fast. Don’t take anything for granted.
How I continued my remote learning is:
I have taken the opportunity to focus on my mental health by allowing myself to take time on my work and spend time with family.