Natalie Rimer


Oh, the places you’ll go! My future plans are:
I will be attending Northern Arizona University in the fall to major in special education and Elementary Education. I received a $44,000 scholarship from the school!
Go Gators! My favorite memory from high school is:
My favorite memory from high school is Kindness Week! Through Gator Buddies I helped organize Kindness Week in 2019 and 2020. It really brings everyone together and you can feel a more positive atmosphere. It makes me so proud to see everyone interacting with and getting to know each other. I have never seen a more inclusive South!
I would love to give a big thank you to:
Thank you to Mrs. Eriksen for all of the support she has offered me through the past two years. Since joining Gator Buddies and Adaptive PE my junior year, Mrs. Eriksen and I have worked closely together. I have been lucky enough to gain a lot of experience in the field I am interested in all thanks to Mrs. Eriksen. Gator Buddies, Adaptive PE, and FLS Music would not be the same without her guidance. Thank you for all that you do Mrs. Eriksen! You are absolutely amazing!
Words of Wisdom:
Get involved! Find a club or sport that you are interested in and join. It really shows you that you belong at South, and it is an awesome way to be a part of a community.