Maria Chavarria


Oh, the places you’ll go! My future plans are:
Costa Rica University to become a pediatric doctor and will be part of the United States Embassy.
Go Gators! My favorite memory from high school is:
Spirit week.
I would love to give a big thank you to:
Mr. Benedetto. No matter how long the day was, if he was annoyed, how hot or cold it was there was always a smile on his face. He is the most positive human being and never failed to put a smile on my face
If I could go back in time, the advice I would give my freshman self is:
Do ya thing.
Words of Wisdom:
Go to every sport game, go to every homecoming and prom, go all out for spirit week. Say hi to everyone in the halls, take lots of pictures, become friends with people you’ve never talked to. Be nice and kind to everyone and have fun! its high school. You never know how much time you will have to live and love so give it your all and make it your year.
How I continued my remote learning is:
Bed time at 4am, waking up at 12, Starbucks run everyday, music blasting!!