Homecoming 2021


Madison Ross

If there is anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is how to adapt to new situations. Homecoming has always been a pinnacle celebration of school spirit at CLS, and this year it was no different. No, it might not have looked the same, but our school community was flexible, and this year we pulled off a homecoming that we won’t soon forget. In case you missed it, here is the rundown of Hoco ‘21:

We kicked off the week with spirit days. On Monday, Seniors dressed up as senior citizens, and the rest of the classes dressed up as babies. A classic theme, a sense of normalcy could be found in seeing our school’s soon-to-be graduates walking to class with canes and grey wigs. Other spirit day themes included Decades Day and Beach Day, which featured some tie-dye and Hawaiian shirts, respectively. The final day was, of course, Color Day on Friday to give students the opportunity to show school spirit before the football game.

In place of the normal homecoming parade, South hosted a drive-through parade on Wednesday, April 14th. Staff decorated their cars and lined the parking lot while students decorated their cars, some entering a competition, and drove through. Prizes for the competition included gift cards, a parking pass, and spirit wear. This was a great way for everyone to show off their school spirit in a fun way while remaining socially distant.

On Friday, all homecoming events came to a climax. There was a food truck that students could visit during the school day. Students were wearing school colors, and the usual excitement for homecoming was evident. Everything throughout the week, the spirit days, the parade, and food trucks, all led to the football game. Earlier in the year, there was much uncertainty about whether there would be a game at all, but there was, and students were able to attend. Tickets were sold in advance to abide by pandemic guidelines, but even so, those that were able to attend were happy to be there.

We’ve had to adapt to many new situations during this unorthodox year, and our homecoming festivities at Crystal Lake South were no different. There was a lot of uncertainty earlier about whether we’d be having any sort of normal celebrations at all. Although we weren’t able to do a homecoming dance due to the pandemic, we were still able to pull off spirit days, a new kind of parade, food trucks, and the football game itself. We remained flexible, got as close to normal as possible, and had fun. Hoco ‘21 is one that will not be easily forgotten.