CLS Students’ 2020 Resolutions

CLS Students’ 2020 Resolutions

Ann Phillips-Breese

We are just starting Semester 2 of the 2019-2020 school year. Semester 2 begins just after New Year’s Day, a public holiday where kids and adults have a day off from school and jobs. The holiday is celebrated by fireworks, parties, parades, special football games and resolutions. 

A resolution is a promise to yourself to do or not to do something. People think that resolutions are a waste of time and never work. But the more times you try to complete your goal, the more likely you are to succeed. Resolutions can be academic or personal.

A sample of South High School students were interviewed about their academic and personal resolutions. They were also asked how they would achieve these goals. Here are some of their responses: 

 “I would really like to join as many book fandoms as possible. To reach my goal, I will have to read a lot more. Some academic resolutions are to keep my grades as best as I can, feel more comfortable giving speeches, and not over work. I will continue to study to keep my grades up. I will also try adding humor to my speeches to make them easier.” 

 “A personal goal of mine is to learn the cello, and an academic goal is to get straight A’s. I’ll give it my all and I won’t give up.”

“I’m moving up classes so I guess do well and pass in them. For personal…. hmmm I guess to just stay in shape mentally and physically.”

“An academic resolution I have is that I want to keep all A’s and to get my homework done on time because I have less study halls next semester. My personal promise is to do yoga everyday. The process of me achieving the goals is to work hard, make to do lists and setting my priorities.”

In conclusion, resolutions are important and will benefit you. You will succeed if you keep trying and working on them. When you complete resolutions you will feel more accomplished and proud of yourself. Take some time to make resolutions this year!