What is Measure 111?

What is Measure 111?

Shyler Yost

On November 8th, voters in Oregon had to decide on passing a new
proposed amendment to the state’s Constitution. This proposed amendment is called Measure 111.

Measure 111 would give each citizen in Oregon “access to cost-effective, clinically appropriate and affordable healthcare as a fundamental right.” After an extremely close call with 50.6% of voters voting yes and 49.4% voting no, Measure 111 was approved by voters and will be added to Oregon’s state Constitution.

But what was the debate surrounding this new measure?

Sources have found that Democrats mainly supported this amendment to Oregon’s state Constitution, while Republican voters were more likely to oppose Measure 111. Those who support Measure 111 feel hopeful that it will provide equal access to healthcare. They feel that the measure can additionally increase citizens’ chances of living longer lives and having access to the proper opportunities to treat illness. Supporters have also argued that Measure 111 will not change who pays for Oregonians’ health insurance and how citizens access it. Opponents of Measure 111, however, fear the cost that the measure would bring. They argue that it will result in an increase in Oregonians joining Medicaid, which could cost the state a large deal of money. Worries have risen over balancing the costs of healthcare along with funds for other initiatives such as education. Legal experts also agree that funds must be balanced, and the amendment could additionally allow Oregonians lacking affordable healthcare to sue the state. These issues have raised concerns among citizens.

Despite the debate, I look forward to seeing how Measure 111 will affect Oregon and how the differing viewpoints in the state will shape it. It’s possible that, if this measure is effective in Oregon, other states may propose similar amendments with attempts to make healthcare affordable.



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