Movie Review: Uncharted

Movie Review: Uncharted

Madison Ross

(Fair warning, this article contains minor spoilers about the movie Uncharted)


Released in the United States on February 18th, 2022, many fans were excited for Uncharted. Though I didn’t get to go on opening weekend, I did get to see the movie the following weekend, and it was about what I expected. In my opinion, it was everything you’d expect in an adventure film. There were hunts for gold, distrust between the main characters, betrayals, long-lost pirate ships, and clues from a deceased family member of one of the main characters. Though not every adventure movie has these things, I bet you can think of at least one with multiple of these characteristics.

Outside of my own opinion, I did some research into what others had to say about the movie. At the time of writing this article, Google had published that 89% of Google users liked the movie, which you can consider a good sign. Rottentomatoes also wrote that 90% of their users liked the movie, so it was obviously a hit amongst the fans. Beyond the predictability and quality of the plot, who doesn’t love a good adventure movie?

Critics, however, have different opinions. The Rottentomatoes critics say that the movie was too predictable and too much like other adventure movies. A few critics noted that the movie lacked depth or a quality plot; however, some critics liked this quality. One stated that “it’s meant to be frivolous fun, which it is”. Personally, when I watched the movie, I felt entertained. No, it isn’t the kind of movie that keeps you occupied with twists and turns, but it is entertaining if you’re looking for a standard action-packed Indiana-Jones-style movie.

One thing I learned about this movie is that it is actually related to a series of PlayStation games also called Uncharted. Although I haven’t played those games, reviewers who had stated that the movie wasn’t too far off, which is a nice touch. 

In conclusion, Uncharted might not be the most groundbreaking movie released this year, but that does not discredit its ability to entertain its audiences. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, I’d encourage you to check it out.







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