Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life- D

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life- D

Autumn Chase

It is so weird that I have had so many good moments in my life, but usually can only recall the bad ones. So weird. It’s like I made the high school dance team, and all I can remember is how my coach bullied me or how I became the manager at my job and jealous coworkers got me demoted. I hate this trait about myself. But… What can I do? It’s not going to change and I can accept that. I think I guess.

Why does everybody fear this? Like we all have birthdays and love them, we celebrate Christmas or another similar holiday and love it and we all die but we fear it. Is it because it is unknown? I don’t know. Who knows. Nobody knows. Not me. Not you. Not even Einstein. And we are all supposed to be okay with this? To have to accept that we just die. So abruptly. That will be our fate. Well, here we go… I guess…

I love chocolate desserts. Not just any chocolate desserts. The ones covered in powdered sugar, heart disease, frosting, type two diabetes, hot fudge, cavities, and brownies. Sounds amazing. When I go out to get ice cream, I always tell them to make the shake the most chocolaty you can. They never get it right. I smile, walk away, and typically will bring it home and add Hershey syrup and maybe some brownie pieces. For Christmas, my family always gets these deathly dark chocolate candies and no one can eat them. Everyone says “that is way too tart for me!” With a full mouth and chocolate on my face, I simply agree. What can I say? I love chocolate desserts.

You only have one and that is all I have to say.

Now, these are just weird. Tell me why I dream of marrying Dwayne Johnson and then end up waking up? That is just torture. Like, come on. I had. The. Rock. In. The. Palm. Of. My. Hand. Have you ever had those dreams too where either your boyfriend cheats on you or your best friend tragically died and you wake up mad at that person or you have a bad rest of your day because of it? One day this happened to me: I had a
bad dream and in the dream, my mom had passed away. I was in a bad mood that whole day because it all felt so real. When I went to school my friends had asked me what was wrong and I said my mom died. Everyone started to freak out but I said in my dream, sorry for forgetting to specify that… Then there are those dreams where your life is perfect, everything you want is happening and then you wake up. You try to force yourself to fall back asleep to go back to that reality and when you can’t achieve that so you lay in bed wondering what is the point of getting up today. Like really, I feel like dreams tease you.

The most memorable nights happen just driving in my car. You can go from having the most miserable, horrific, atrocious, infuriating, sucky day and one step into that car, for some reason, those feelings just go away. Don’t even get me started as to why all moms and just moms complain when the light is on in the car when we are driving. I can be in the very back seat with it on and she is all the way in front driving and suddenly I am being told I am paying for their raised insurance when they get in an accident.

Like what!

Moving on from that rant… Night drives are easily ten times better than in the day. The chilly wind hits your skin. Windows down. Music is loud. Darkness. Headlights. Can’t see where you are going. Country roads are a catalyst for good drives. Ones where only the headlights
guide the way and you are never expecting a turn. These are the best. Now the weirdest thing for me is when you are the passenger and you fall asleep and the one last turn before your house magically wakes you up. I had a realization of this phenomenon when I came home from a long drive one year (spring break, South Carolina) and we were driving home and I was asleep for about two hours. We made the same turn as we always do when we return home and all of a sudden I woke up like
someone was banging drums together. I will truly never understand this. Driving has created some of my best daydreams and biggest thoughts and ideas including some of my worst. I can’t thank my car Pearl enough for it.

Why is it that the most valued items I have are always the dustiest? My favorite ring or my National Honor Society Award or even my toothbrush. Like why the items I love and need most are always the dustiest. It feels wrong. Like I betrayed this prized possession that brought me so much joy and I just let it get dusty. I let skin cells and dust just sit and collect on this while I went on enjoying it. The. Rest. Of. My. Life. This I believe is very unfair. I run out of dusters monthly. Very unfortunate. Time to go to the Dollar Tree.



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