How Has COVID-19 Changed Our World?

Autumn Chase

COVID-19 has lasted for more than a year now. Society has changed. We are changed. Everything has changed. Some people view the ways that we have changed as a positive thing, others not so much. There is no right or wrong answer, just opinion. We have to understand that change is inevitable, but this change was one that we could not control, and it happened so fast. Today, we are going to look at the positives and negatives of COVID-19 based on my personal views. There are many different opinions out there, but I felt the need to share mine so that if you haven’t already, you can start to form an opinion on this situation as well.

The positives. There are very few, but there are some. One is that many people are going to be more conscious of how clean they are. Restaurants and businesses are going to feel as if they are held up to higher standards and they will keep things in better condition for the next customer. Secondly, we will be better prepared if, and cross your fingers it won’t, another wave comes over us. We will also be more cautious with different sicknesses and be safer when flu season comes around along with better health standards like washing your hands more or your home or workplace.

The negatives. Most people are scared or uneasy about being up and close with others, especially ones who don’t live within their house. Without a mask, we are less comfortable with social interactions which are a building block of society. Children and adults have been taken away from their friends and family and the normal interactions they had before, and they are getting too comfortable hiding behind a mask. Many businesses went out of business along with a high rate of job losses. Depression rates have skyrocketed and it was already too high. We have a lot of rebuilding to do.

Regardless of your opinion on the topic, COVID-19 affected everyone whether for better or worse. It is up to you how you handle this. Try and grow stronger from it and be thankful that you are still here after it all. Stay safe and positive and hopefully we will wake up from this nightmare sooner than later.