Letter to Walmart Management: Writing to Make a Difference

Autumn Chase

Dear Walmart Management,
I am saying this today, not to argue, not to disagree, not to bore you, but to state very powerful facts. The environment is in a critical time and your products are a huge part of its destruction. Deforestation rates are high, and Walmart plays a huge role when it comes to that. Now, I’m not coming at you today with anger, just with hope that we can agree to help the world that we live in and to keep it healthy for our children’s children. I know that is something we all want to strive for. I have done extensive research, and I am here to inform you with what I have found, so you are able to make an informed decision.
It has been proven that “Walmart has set zero-deforestation goals for 2020, however, it does not have a system in place to track and monitor the origin of forest-risk commodities – palm oil, pulp and paper, soy, and beef; it says that implementing such a system is not an immediate business priority”(One Green Life). One Green Life is a very credible and reliable source that works constantly to better the world we live in. From another credible source I found that “A recent analysis by the Zoological Society of London found that over half of the 100 most significant tropical timber and pulp companies do not publicly commit to protecting biodiversity and only 44% have yet to publicly commit to zero deforestation”(Earth.Org).
I am coming to you today with open arms and hope. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed where you are trying to help better the environment by trying to go zero-deforestation, but when you claim that this is not a top priority, it concerns me that we may never get anywhere with deforestation. Forests help provide the air we breathe and they keep millions of species alive. You are one of the few big corporations that have tried to make a change, and I am hoping that it is something you could look into again. A little change such as where you purchase certain products can have a tremendous impact on the world. This is a time for you guys to come together and make a change that will sure be remembered. You are looked at and admired by many companies because of your great success, and if they see this company making a change, they would be more willing to try it out for themselves.
I hope you are able to see your key importance in saving the world. Deforestation is something many of us do not see with our eyes, but it is something that is constantly going on all around us. We are surrounded by the destruction and currently you are one of the only hopes for fixing this problem. If you guys can come together to try to make a change, our world can become stronger and we will not fear what our future generations have in store. I hope that you can find it in your heart to take into consideration the possibilities that you hold for the future of our world!
With great hopes,
Autumn C
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