What Would Happen if we Lost Oxygen for 5 Seconds


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Autumn Chase

Let’s just begin with an understanding of the importance of oxygen. Oxygen is the reason that we are alive and well right now. Oxygen is what keeps us living. It is the most important factor to us surviving. It has been around for millions of years and it is here to stay for now. But let’s take a second to think what would happen if we lost oxygen for five seconds. Now five seconds to us seems like nothing, but with the loss of oxygen, this is a lot more severe. Now take a seat and be prepared to be blown away…oh wait you can’t be there is no oxygen!

For starters, with the loss of oxygen all of the concrete that we use would turn to pure dust. The sidewalks would crack under you, and the foundations of buildings would break. Oxygen is a huge part in the binding of it, and without it there, it would not be able to hold it together. I hope you brought your sunscreen because the ozone layer would diminish, so we would be incredibly sunburned. The air pressure would drop 21 percent, and that would make our inner ear explode. How fun. Combustion and fire can not occur without oxygen, so all cars would just stop moving. The sky would turn completely dark, and the earth’s crust would completely crumble. We would all fall into the earth in free fall. While that may seem fun to some of us, we would not survive it.

Overall, I hope this makes you realize how important oxygen is to the world. We should plant more trees and help with decreasing the amount of trees being cut down. Stop polluting and take a moment to respect the world around you, and the oxygen is taken care of. Now take a breath and relax, you may not be able to forever.