Activities to do While Under Quarantine

Autumn Chase

This is just a fun list of activities to keep yourself entertained during quarantine:
~Get into a new Netflix series. Watch a new documentary or something that may pertain to a potential future job such as a crime or doctor show.
~Work out. Especially at a time like this, it is very important to keep healthy and no better a time to start when you have nothing else to do?
~Take a relaxing bath and meditate. Become one with your inner self and use this time to find who you truly are. Possibly even journal. I have found that to be something that I really enjoy doing.
~Stay away from social media. Use this as a detox from the harm that social media has on oneself. Put the phone down.
~Go outside and be active. Go hiking, biking, running, walking anything you possibly can.
~Read a book or get into a podcast. These can be very inspirational and motivational and can really help to better your mental health.
~Make sure to get ready in the morning. Don’t get lazy and let yourself become a wreck! Redo your room or clean. This can keep you busy for hours.
~Accomplish goals that have been needing to be finished now so you don’t ever have to worry about them again.
~Donate. I have never donated more before than now because I have had so much time to go through things.
~Video chat with friends or family members and reach out to ones you have been putting off.
~Stay positive. We will all get through this.