Easy Ways to Stop Procrastinating


Cal Schneider

We have all been there, you have 10 assignments due tomorrow and you really don’t want to work on any of them. You see your phone and you dive into social media, all of a sudden, it’s 2 hours later, and you still haven’t started your homework! Today I am going to show you just a few ways to get your homework done faster.

1st, make a list of all you have to get done. It’s such a good feeling when you cross something off a list knowing that completed something. It also helps keep you organized and you can track your progress.

2nd, get everything you need beforehand. Get yourself some water, coffee, a computer, every school supply you will need. The purpose of this is to prevent you from bringing your mind out of focus from schoolwork in order to get something if your hungry or thirsty. It is so hard to keep your brain focused on school when you’re thinking about something else.

3rd, this is probably the most important one for teenagers, unplug. Get rid of your phone, throw it on your bed or put it in a separate room. With all the notifications that cause the phone to vibrate or ring, you are sure to get distracted really easily, which will take you off task.

4th, don’t spend too much time on one subject, spread them out. If you take 1 hour doing all physics, then the next 30 minutes doing all math, you will get burnt out super quickly. Try to do 20-minute or 30-minute increments of every subject. Just keep rotating through your classes until you are done. It is so hard to do something from start to finish in one sitting, so don’t expect that of yourself. Spend 20 minutes of math and if you don’t all of that done, you will do it after 20 minutes of physics and English. This way, your brain will feel more refreshed.

Finally, start! Stop procrastinating and start doing your homework. I know it takes a lot of motivation to get off TikTok or Snapchat or Instagram or Among us. Just think of that feeling when you’re done with all of your homework. If it has to come down to it, ask your parents to take away your phone for a little bit, just so you can have complete focus on your schoolwork. Even amidst the pandemic, homework still needs to be done. Remember that you’re doing this for a reason.