The Mask Covering the Murderer

The Mask Covering the Murderer

Autumn Chase

Have you ever wondered if Halloween is considered more dangerous than other nights because of the ability we have to dress up and cover ourselves up and go into public places with fake weapons and blood? Is Halloween the real version of the Purge? Well keep reading to find out.

So let’s just start out with the basics, we know in the event of any big holiday, people use this as a reason to get drunk, so right there makes Halloween a riskier night. Research done by EMC Security states that between the years of 2009 and 2013, 40% of deaths in car accidents on Halloween had been because of drinking.

Now, talking about crimes, the most common times for a crime is between 7p.m. and 1a.m., and the peak is about 10p.m., EMC claims. Most of these crimes occur when trick-or-treaters follow people inside. In fact, 60% of these crimes are breaking and entering and property damage when they come to the door. Halloween gives people the right to ring your doorbell and then look inside to see if anyone is home to give them candy.

Here are some guidelines that you can follow to help keep yourself and your home safe on this spooky night. If you are planning on leaving your house, keep your lights on. This will prevent intruders from thinking no one is home. If you go out, do not post on social media until you get home. Criminals may use this as a time to see that you are not home and then break in. Lock your car doors and take out anything valuable such as extra cash, police radar, phone, keys etc. Keep your doors and windows locked at home because you may be entertained and distracted with the kids at the front door and not realize the monster climbing in the back. If you are letting trick-or-treaters visit, keep valuables away from the door such as a phone, tv, or money. They may come back later to take their share of it. Finally, sign up for home security. The best one would be the doorbell Ring. This is a constant monitoring system that will help keep unwanted guests out.

Overall stay safe and be aware of your surroundings. Always watch out for a monster lurking behind you, and Happy Halloween! 😡