The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer

Autumn Chase

You can not see it, you can not hear it, but you can die from it. COVID-19. One of the most deadly pandemics this world has ever seen. There is currently no cure for COVID-19, but there are ways to lessen your chances of contracting it. Today I am here to inform you on the background on this disease, symptoms, and helpful prevention. Stay tuned for more information regarding the Coronavirus that has changed our world forever.  


The Coronavirus is an illness that is transferred from person to person. It is a new virus that has spread throughout the world and is continuing to do so. There are many different types of symptoms ranging from mild to severe ones. This disease is not preventable or curable and is extremely contagious. This can spread by coming in contact with someone who is just six feet away. People that are most susceptible to this are elders and people with underlying respiratory issues. These people should make sure to take every precaution to stay safe and away from others during this time. This disease is spread through droplets when we sneeze or talk. You can also get this by touching a surface that has the virus on it and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth. No one is safe. 


These range, but there are some that are the most common and these are very commonly mixed up with the common cold:






~Shortness of breath


~Difficulty breathing




~Loss of smell 

~Loss of taste


~Sore throat

~Runny nose


~Pain in the chest

~Blush face or lips

~Unable to stay awake or wake up


Make sure that you stay home and social distance as much as possible and wear a mask to reduce the spread to others. Clean often with soap and hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Stay six feet away. If you are ordering food, do take out or delivery. Stay home if you are sick, and seek medical attention if you have any of the symptoms above. Do not take public transportation, and stay away from unnecessary travel. Stay distant from the people and animals within your home. Overall, stay safe and protect yourself and help stop the spread of disease by WEARING A MASK PROPERLY. Remember, you may not be affected by the disease, but others could die from it.

This is, as we all know, the silent killer.