A Magical Night at a Stay-at-Home Prom

Sydney Blake

Just because prom was cancelled doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. CLS seniors got pretty creative on Friday April 24th to celebrate their Quarantine Prom. These lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen dressed up showing that not even a pandemic can kill their thunder! Some even stuck with the masquerade theme by showing off their face masks.


Take a look at Grace Adcock who looks just stunning in her dress. Grace said she “went out (social distancing) and took pics with [her] mom, went to see a couple friends and then had a family dinner”.

Ashley Zagroba was killing it in her red sparkly dress!


Talk about family time! Ben Cisco looked dashing in his suit as he took his sisters to prom. He said he “got dressed up and had a fancy steak dinner with my family and had a dance with [his] sisters”.


Hailey Seydlitz looked amazing in her dress. Hailey said “the day prom got cancelled [she] decided to sit down and do [her] hair and makeup.” Hailey’s friend Nia called and said that she wanted to take her pictures. They “went to this pretty place by [her] house and had some fun taking pictures”.


Monet Lindstrand looked beautiful in her attire. She says “even though we couldn’t all be together for prom, I was able to take pictures at home and even go see some of my friends while staying six feet apart of course”.



Kylee Ahr kicked it back with a prom theme of iCarly and spaghetti tacos for dinner. Kylee “had a few friends over and [they] took pics at a pond”. 



Jordyn Bigos and her date Tyler Miller looked fabulous as they took pictures together!



Leia Newton had a social distancing prom with her friends. Who knew photoshop could bring us closer together!



Jessica Gwizdak and her date Brandon Besch had a wonderful evening together! Jessica said “my boyfriend surprised me with a mini prom of our own. He made me a dinner with my favorite drinks and foods and had music playing in the background. Then we had a slow dance after dinner! Our after party was a pillow fort in the basement and we watched movies the rest of the night”.


Ashley Drzewiecki looks amazing in her sparkly dress not letting the quarantine blues get to her.


Nothing beats prom photos at school though. Baylee Kassel got together with her friends Laina Driver and Emily Jones and took some amazing pictures at South.


What a wonderful evening for many seniors making the best out of an unfortunate situation. Everyone looked absolutely amazing! 


If you are or know a CLS senior who celebrated prom, share your story with us!