Welcome to Crystal Lake South: 8th Grade Night 2020


Sydney Blake

It’s that time of year when big decisions must be made. Except this time I’m not talking about seniors. Eighth graders are starting their transition into high school, and last Thursday night was the spectacular 8th Grade Night at Crystal Lake South. Current students and staff come together to promote different classes, programs, sports and clubs to eight grade parents and students. This night showcases the highlights and everything South has to offer.

 I was fortunate enough to be part of this event by holding a table for our very own Gator Prints. It was amazing to see all the new students and their potential that will be filtering into South. Since Gator Prints is relatively new, it was so nice to see students who are interested in journalism get excited about our club. 

Eighth Grade Night is not about sports, or clubs, or classes but rather it’s about the students. With that in mind, we provided an activity at the Gator Prints table asking the eighth graders a few questions. Here are some of their responses:

What are you most looking forward to next year at Crystal Lake South? Why?

“The theatre program sounds very fun! I also am interested in journalism *wink*” -Tommy Jackson

“I am looking forward to new people” -Anonymous 

“I am looking forward to taking new classes I haven’t tried before”-David Aromick

“Learning a lot of new information”- Anonymous 

Which classes are you most excited about? Why?

“Math/ Art” -Anonymous

“Art because that’s something I’m passionate about, also science because that’s fun too”-Sulia Hartlaub

“FACS because I enjoy baking”- Anonymous

“Intro to business, social studies. I like those very much–interesting classes”-Zenn Blaszczyk

Which activities are you most excited about? Why?

“Spanish club because it sounds fun”-Anonymous

“Bass/ gaming. They are my [favorites]”- Victor 

“Art because art is exciting”- Anonymous


“Tennis/ baseball”- Anonymous

“[Cross] country [be]cause I did it all three years of middle school”-CM

Bringing everyone together to share and discover interests is a great way to introduce eighth graders to high school. As you can see from the responses, there are a wide variety of students headed South’s way. We are super excited to welcome them and hope they are excited as well. To the future Gators out there, get involved, get inspired, and as always Go Gators!