College & Career Center

College & Career Center

Sydney Blake

Seniors have been feeling the drag of the most anticipated and dreaded time of the year: college application and FAFSA season.

What is the College and Career Center?

The college and career center is a working lab designed for exploration is post secondary opportunities. These post secondary opportunities include colleges, trade school, work force and military options. You can see representatives from each of these options when they hold meetings in the college and career center. But there are other opportunities available as well. If the workforce is more your style, Mrs. Audette can provide apprenticeship and job shadowing opportunities as well. She also is a great resource for help with any post secondary questions and helps with college applications, job resumes, essays for scholarship and much more.

Who is encouraged to go to the college and career center?

There is a common misconception that the college and career center is just for juniors and seniors. This is FALSE. Hear that freshman? The college and career center is for you, too! Mrs. Audette encourages anyone with questions about post secondary options to stop on in. She suggests students to start visiting no later than sophomore and junior year to start their exploration. Seniors are highly encouraged to visit often to prepare them for after high school. She has a ton of resources for all grade levels.

What are some common questions Mrs. Audette receives?

We all have that huge epiphany of “What do I do next?”. Overall, that is the biggest and most important question she is asked. Mrs. Audette knows that life after high school can be frightening so she helps as much as she can. She helps with FAFSA and the Common App, getting transcripts and in the spring applying for scholarships. Her job is to make the transition as easy as possible.

What are the visiting hours and appointment times?

The college and career center is open from 7am-4pm (yes, even after school!). Most periods there are representatives coming. You can schedule to attend on Naviance. The center is more of a drop-in, but if you want to talk individually with Mrs. Audette, you can schedule an appointment. If you want to schedule an appointment, stop in and just ask about her availability, and she will get you into her schedule. Make sure you plan ahead because she is usually booked 2-3 weeks out. The best way to contact her is to stop in during passing periods or to email her at [email protected].