Taste 4

Taste 4

Ethan Wilkening

The cafeteria food has changed somewhat recently. Now all the workers brandish the Sodexo insignia and red stripes adorn their uniforms. Many did not purchase hot lunch before Taste 4 (or after), and thus the general opinion is tainted in some respects. However, the details of said food will be served to the student body promptly.

Taste 4 is a brand of Sodexo USA foodstuffs. They are used from oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to hospitals around the country. CLS recently struck up a contract with Sodexo USA to supply their students with varied and (hopefully) delicious lunches, as well as the monetary benefits from Sodexo’s competitive prices. Sodexo has been placed on quite a high pedestal compared to their contemporaries and routinely the universities that supply their food rank favorably in top 10 lists for student satisfaction for cafeteria food.

Awards aside, Sodexo seems to have implemented a large amount of variety into the CLS student’s diet. The menu changes every week! It rotates from Mexican to Asian, and even throwing in fresh Mac n’ Cheese. It is commendable the amount of effort that both the school and Sodexo are putting forth to make an enjoyable lunchtime experience for all.

Let us know in the comments below if you enjoy the new cafeteria food or if you think it just isn’t the same as it was, or, of course, you don’t even buy lunch and this is irrelevant to you. Regardless, thank you for reading one of the first articles of our revamped newspaper! Have a nice day.