Taylor Swift Ticket Havoc


Isabella Gonzalez

After roughly five years of not performing, Taylor Swift’s long-awaited return has caused chaos and wreaked havoc on the Ticketmaster website. As desperate fans did whatever they could to get tickets it led the Ticketmaster website to crash and cause lots of glitches for fans. It was stated by Ticketmaster that they were dealing with a “historically unprecedented demand” and that fans should simply “hang tight” while they resolve any issues. However, fans did anything but “hang tight” as they turned to Twitter and other social media platforms to complain about the website’s issues and the inability to buy tickets on time. While there were some lucky ones to have bought tickets from the presale, many were unsuccessful and fans are not happy about this.

As far as fans are concerned, this looks bad on Ticketmasters’ part. Not only did they fail to prepare for the intense wave of people (which should have been expected), but they are charging outrageously high service fees and are enabling predatory resellers. These resellers are going on StubHub and selling the tickets for up to $12,000 or more. The Swift concert ticket issues have only exemplified further Ticketmaster’s poor service and preparation.

Taylor Swift’s concert tickets causing this big of a fuss should come as no surprise. After releasing her new album “Midnights” last month, she made history; she is the first artist of all time to hold all top 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 in a single week. So, even Ticketmaster is blaming it all on the “unprecedented” amount of people it, quite honestly, should have been expected.